Haley in Three

I recently had a shoot with Haley for my on-going Myths series. She was kind enough to extend our session to experiment with my Bronica GS-1 using a variety of film backs and film emulsions I had on hand. Here are three images I captured with the formats and film used for each shot. I used the PG 80mm lens for each roll.

All photos were taken at Mary Moore Searight Metro Park in Austin, TX. They were processed at a local lab with some unfortunate results. You will notice some significant scratches on the Lomo Purple film. I decided to leave these imperfections intact rather than distort the image further. I did make some minor exposure adjustments and cleaned up some of the dust from the scan.

I look forward to continue experimenting with this fantastic camera and discover what it is truly capable of. 

6x7 back, Kodak Portra 400, Expired 2019

6x4.5 back, Lomography Metropolis Film at 400

6x6 back, Lomography Purple at 400

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